Manage multiple assets and collections

Learn how to edit the metadata of multiple assets and collections simultaneously to quickly propagate common metadata changes.

Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM) Assets lets you edit the metadata of multiple assets simultaneously so you can quickly propagate common metadata changes to assets in bulk. You can also edit the metadata for multiple collections in bulk.

Use the properties page to perform metadata changes on multiple assets or collections:

  • Change metadata properties to a common value
  • Add or modify tags

To customize the metadata properties page, including adding, modifying, deleting metadata properties, use the Schema editor.


The bulk editing methods work for assets available in a folder or a collection. For the assets that are available across folders or match a common criteria, it is possible to update the metadata in bulk from asset search results.

Edit metadata properties of multiple assets

  1. In the Assets user interface, navigate to the location of the assets you want to edit.

  2. Select the assets for which you want to edit common properties.

  3. From the toolbar, tap/click the Properties icon to open the properties page for the selected assets.


    When you select multiple assets, the lowest common parent form is selected for the assets. In other words, the properties page only displays metadata fields that are common across the properties pages of all the individual assets.

  4. Modify the metadata properties for selected assets under the various tabs.

  5. To view the metadata editor for a specific asset, deselect the remaining assets in the list. The metadata editor fields are populated with the metadata for the particular asset.

    • In the properties page, you can remove assets from the asset list by deselecting them. The asset list has all the assets selected by default. The metadata for assets that you remove from the list is not updated.
    • At the top of assets list, select the check box near Title to toggle between selecting the assets and clearing the list.
  6. To select a different metadata schema for the assets, tap/click the Settings icon from the toolbar, and select the desired schema.

  7. Save the changes.

  8. To append the new metadata with the existing metadata in fields that contain multiple values, select Append mode. If you do not select this option, the new metadata replaces the existing metadata in the fields. Tap/click Submit.


    For single-value fields, the new metadata is not appended to the existing value in the field even if you select Append mode.

Configure limit for bulk metadata update

To prevent DOS like situation, AEM limits the number of parameters supported in a Sling request. When updating metadata of many assets in one go, you may reach the limit and the metadata does not get updated for more assets. AEM generates the following warning in the logs: Too many name/value pairs, stopped processing after 10000 entries

To change the limit, access Tools > Operations > Web Console and change the value of Maximum POST Parameters in Apache Sling Request Parameter Handling OSGi configuration.

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