Integrating with Silverpop Engage


Silverpop integration is not available out of the box. You must download the Silverpop integration package from Package Share and install it on your instance. After you have installed the package, you can configure it as described in this document.

Integrating AEM with Silverpop Engage lets you manage and send emails created in AEM via Silverpop. It also allows you to use the lead management features of Silverpop via AEM forms on AEM pages.

The integration provides you with the following features:

  • The ability to create Emails in AEM and publish them to Silverpop for distribution.
  • The ability to set action of a AEM form to create an Silverpop subscriber.

After Silverpop Engage is configured, you can publish newsletters or emails to Silverpop Engage.

Creating a Silverpop Configuration

Silverpop configurations can be added via Cloudservices, Tools, or API end points. All methods are described in this section.

Configuring Silverpop via Cloudservices

To create a Silverpop configuration in Cloud Services:

  1. In AEM, tap or click Tools > Deployment > Cloud Services. (Or directly access at https://<hostname>:<port>/etc/cloudservices.html.)

  2. Under third-party services, click Silverop Engage and then Configure. The Silverpop configuration window opens.


    Silverpop Engage is not available as an option under third-party services unless you download the package from Package Share.

  3. Enter a title and optionally, a name and click Create. The** Silverpop Settings** configuration window opens.

  4. Enter the username, password and select an API endpoint from the dropdown list.

  5. Click Connect to Silverpop. When you have successfully connected you see a success dialog. Click OK to exit the window. You can go to Silverpop by clicking Go to Silverpop Engage.

  6. Silverpop has been configured. You can edit the configuration by clicking Edit.

  7. Additionally, Silverpop Engage framework can be configured for personalized actions by providing title and name (optional). Click Create will successfully create the framework for the already configured Silverpop connection.

    Imported data extension columns can later be used through the AEM component - Text and Personalization.

Configuring Silverpop via Tools

To create a Silverpop configuration in Tools:

  1. In AEM, tap or click Tools > Deployment > Cloud Services. Or navigate there directly by going to https://<hostname>:<port>/misadmin#/etc.

  2. Select Tools, then Cloud Services Configurations, then Silverpop Engage.

  3. Click New to open the Create Page window.


  4. Enter the Title and optionally the Name, and click Create.

  5. Enter the configuration information as outlined in step 4 in the previous procedure. Follow that procedure to finish configuring Silverpop.

Adding multiple configurations

To add multiple configurations:

  1. On the welcome page, click Cloud Services and click Silverpop Engage. Click on Show Configurations button which appears if one or more Silverpop configurations is available. All available configurations are listed.
  2. Click the + sign next to Available configurations. This opens the Create Configurations window. Follow the previous configuration procedure to create a new configuration.

Configuring API end points for connecting to Silverpop

Currently, AEM has six unsecured end points (Engage 1 to 6). Silverpop now provides two new end points as well as changed connection end points for the existing ones.

To configure the API end points :

  1. Go to /libs/mcm/silverpop/components/silverpoppage/dialog/items/general/items/apiendpoint/options node on https://<hostname>:<port>/crxde.

  2. Right-click and select Create, then Create Node.

  3. Enter the Name as sp-e0 and choose Type as cq:Widget.

  4. Add two properties to the newly added node:

    1. Name: text, Type: String, Value: Engage 0
    2. Name: value, Type: String, Value:


    Click on “Save All” button.

  5. Create one more node with Name as sp-e7 and Type as cq:Widget.

    Add two properties to the newly added node:

    1. Name: text, Type: String, Value: Pilot
    2. Name: value, Type: String, Value:
  6. To change the existing API End points (Engage 1 to 6), click each of them one-by-one and replace the values as follows:

    Node Name Existing End Point Value New End Point Value
  7. Click Save All. AEM is now ready to connect to Silverpop over secured end points.


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