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Experience League LIVE is a live streaming show produced by the Experience League team. It’s a chance to connect with Adobe product experts and learn actionable tips, tricks, and strategies you can apply with the Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

Upcoming Experience League LIVE events!

Conversion Attribution
Conversion Attribution
October 2021

Learn cool tips from Adobe Analytics experts about assigning attribution in custom reports. See link above.

Content Services
Content Personalization
November 2021

Learn how to create and manage content at scale and build personalized commerce experiences

Content Services
Cross-Device Analytics
December 2021

Learn how to transform your Analytics from a device-centric view to a person-centric view. As a result, analysts can understand user behavior that crosses browsers, devices, or apps.

Past episodes

Did you miss an episode of Experience League LIVE? We forgive you. Check out any of our past episodes! You can explore below or use the left navigation to choose an episode.

Experience League LIVE
Guests : Eric Matisoff and Dasha Fitzpatrick
July 29, 2021

Experience League LIVE
Guests : Aaron Shields, Yaya Wang, and Andres Monroy
August 26, 2021

Experience League LIVE
Guests : Alyssa Nahatis, Stephen Ford, Bruce Swann
September 22, 2021

Experience League LIVE
Guests : Jenn Kunz - 33 Sticks, Adam Klintworth - Adobe
October 21, 2021


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