Experience League LIVE

Experience League LIVE is a live streaming show produced by the Experience League team. It’s a chance to connect with Adobe product experts and learn actionable tips, tricks, and strategies you can apply with the Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

Upcoming Experience League LIVE events!

Experience League LIVE May 26
Ask the experts: The basics of Web SDK
with Rudi Shumpert, Jeff Chasin, and Eric Matisoff
May 26, 2022 - 9am PDT

Past episodes

Did you miss an episode of Experience League LIVE? We forgive you. Check out any of our past episodes! You can explore below or use the left navigation to choose an episode.

Experience League LIVE May 12
Push notifications with Adobe Journey Optimizer
with Sandra Hausmann, Archana Chaudhary, and Don Huyn
May 12, 2022
Experience League LIVE Apr 28
How do I handle all of these audiences?
with Doug Moore, Nick Cammuso, and Jackie Chevallier
April 28, 2022
Experience League LIVE Apr 21
AEM from Headful to Headless
with Danny Gordon, Amol Anand, Sachin Mali, and Sean Steimer
April 21, 2022
Experience League LIVE ep9
Introducing all new Reference Demos in AEM
with Hyman Chung, Ruben Reusser
February 3, 2022
Experience League LIVE ep8
Customer Journey Analytics - The Inside Scoop
with Trevor Paulsen, Rohit Gossain, Alex Strawn
January 25, 2021
Experience League LIVE ep7
Extend AEM with Adobe App Builder
with Mark Szulc, Sarah Xu, Zoran Nikolovski
December 16, 2021
Experience League LIVE
Measure people instead of devices
with Matt Freestone, Alex Ivana, Nils Engel
December 14, 2021
Experience League LIVE ep8
Go live faster than ever with quick site creation in Adobe Experience Manager
with Gabriel Walt, Shankari Panchapakesan
November 18, 2021
Experience League LIVE ep7
Who clicked that? And then what did they do?
with Jenn Kunz - 33 Sticks, Adam Klintworth - Adobe
October 21, 2021
Experience League LIVE
Expert tips to make your holiday campaigns stand out
with Alyssa Nahatis, Stephen Ford, Bruce Swann
September 22, 2021
Experience League LIVE ep8
Make Your Audience Segment Smarter than Ever
with Aaron Shields, Yaya Wang, and Andres Monroy
August 26, 2021
Experience League LIVE ep7
Adobe Analytics Implementation Tips & Tricks
with Eric Matisoff and Dasha Fitzpatrick
July 29, 2021

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