The overflow-y: hidden property automatically added to landing pages

Last update: 2024-01-18

In Adobe Campaign Classic v7, if you can no longer scroll the published landing page, manually remove overflow-y: hidden from the landing page definition.



Campaign Classic v7 build 9359


After publishing a long landing page, it can no longer be scrolled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Resources >  Online >  Web applications.
  2. Create a new landing page and under page activity, add HTML with enough content to be able to scroll through it.
  3. Publish the landing page.
  4. Open it in a browser, and observe that you cannot scroll to see all its content.
  5. Open the page activity of the same landing page and check the <body style> tag under the Source tab.
    Observe that overflow-y: hidden has automatically been added after publishing.


Manually remove overflow-y: hidden from the landing page definition, or upgrade to ACC v7 build 9364.


In the landing page’s HTML code, overflow-y: hidden gets added to the body style of the landing page, which doesn’t allow you to scroll. The issue was fixed in ACC v7 build 9364.

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