Control panel doesn’t display all non-out of the box tables and running workflows

Last update: 2023-11-21

This article discusses why the Campaign control panel doesn’t display all the non-out of the box tables and running workflows.



Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) v8


In the control panel, when accessing Performance Monitoring > Databases:

  • The storage overviewsection displays only a couple of custom (non-out of the box) tables, however, you have more than what is displayed.
  • The* Top 10 temporary resources* section displays only a couple of workflows, while there are more workflows running on the instance than what is displayed.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to the control panel; navigate to Performance Monitoring >  Databases.
  2. Check the storage overview and the Top 10 temporary resources sections and compare with what is actually present on the instance. You’ll see that the numbers don’t match.


An enhancement request has been logged with the control panel team.

You should discuss with the Technical Account Manager about the possibilities to monitor workflows/schemas that do not starting with wkf/cus.


  • The Top 10 temporary resources section displays only workflows that start with wkf.
  • Non-out of the box table name should start with “cus to be displayed”.

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