Inbox rendering functionality/button not available in the delivery form

Last update: 2023-10-27

If you don’t see the Inbox rendering button in the delivery form, check for conflicts within the Campaign-Client interface. Resolve these conflicts manually and check that the required delivery form conditions are met for the feature to be visible again.



Adobe Campaign Classic (Version 7, Build 9346)


The Inbox rendering functionality is not available in the delivery form, even though the inbox rendering package has been installed successfully.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In ACC, open a created delivery.
  2. In the delivery window, the Inbox Rendering button is not visible.


Check for existing conflicts within the Campaign client interface. Go to Administration > Configuration > Package management > Edit conflicts.

Resolve the conflict manually (this does not just involve installing the new version).

Note that the Inbox Rendering feature is only visible under the following conditions:

  • If the ‘inboxRendering’ package is installed, and
  • If the name of package is mentioned in the ‘visibleIf’ condition of the form.


The issue occurred because the Inbox Rendering menu was completely missing in the form definition.

In Build 9349, there are cases where the old “deliverability” URL is hardcoded to the condition. In such cases, the Inbox rendering button is declared as below:

<container applicableIf="HasPackage('nms:deliverability')" img="nms:xxxx.png"
                   label="Inbox Rendering" name="rendering" visibleIf="EV(@messageType, 'mail') and EV(@deliveryMode, 'external') == false">
          <input type="UrlViewer" urlExpr="'' + Iif([ properties/@midRemoteId] !=0, [ properties/@midRemoteId] , @id) + '&cuid=' + getOption('DmRendering_cuid')"


To resolve the issue, the delivery form definition should contain ‘Inbox Rendering’ as below:

container applicableIf="HasPackage('nms:inboxRendering')" img="nms:xxxx.png"

About Inbox Rendering in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

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