AEP - Adobe IO - Unable to Edit existing IO projects as they are Read-Only

Last update: 2023-10-02



Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)


When opening the Adobe IO console, you may find that some projects containing the Adobe Experience Platform API are locked in ‘Read-Only’.

Also, when looking at the Product Profiles associated with the API, it is likely you see ‘deprecated’ profiles.

Since the Adobe Experience platform (AEP) permissions have been migrated to the AEP UI itself, some of the old product profiles that were in the Admin Console have been deprecated. As such, this is creating a discrepancy with the permissions granted to the user in AEP.


  • A system Admin will need to log in to the Adobe IO console, and edit the project API so that all ‘deprecated’ profiles are removed.
  • Once saved, the only profile that should be present is the one called ‘Default Production All Access’.
  • You can then log out and log back in as the user who was seeing the ‘Read-only’ lock. This should now have disappeared.

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