Explanation: Negative Campaign metrics being sent in Adobe Analytics

Last update: 2023-04-11



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Some of our customers are seeing negative campaign metrics in the dashboard, specifically related to the Delivery table (nms:delivery).


Negative values occur due to the formula used to calculate the deltaProcessed, which is indicators/@processed-Coalesce(lastDlvSnapshot/@processed,0).

The OOTB (out-of-the-box) technical workflow Sending campaign indicators and attributes sends the current date value to Analytics, which should not be considered a delivery event date. The data is consolidated every 24 hours and is triggered at 4 AM. Once the data is sent to Analytics, the workflow makes a snapshot and stores it in the nms:lastDlvSnapshot schema. It is important to note that the data being sent is the delta based on the last snapshot. The formula is the same for all indicators, which can be found inside webAnalytics.xml. The lastDlvSnapshot element comes from the schema nms:lastDlvSnapshot.

element externalJoin="true" label="Last delivery indicators sent to Adobe/Genesis"

    name="lastDlvSnapshot" pkgStatus="never" revCardinality="single" revLink="delivery"

    target="nms:lastDlvSnapshot" type="link"

    join xpath-dst="@delivery-id" xpath-src="@id"/


For example, if twenty messages are delivered, and after being delivered eighteen of them were marked as SPAM, the total @success will come out to be -18. This happens due to a feedback loop.

To address negative campaign metrics in the dashboard, we recommend using other recent and relevant reports for business management. If the customer needs more custom reporting based on their requirements, they can consult with Field Services/Adobe PS consulting via their CSM.

For more information on this topic, please refer to the following documentation:


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