Target destination stuck in ‘delete-failed’ status

Last update: 2023-04-11



  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)

You have an AEP Target connection. After attempting to delete a segment from the AEP user interface (UI) that was sent to Target, you see the destination status as Error.


Un-map the segments in AEP. The segments are then removed automatically from Target.

To un-map segments in AEP:

  1. Go to the Destinations tab in AEP UI.
  2. Click on the desired destination from the list. It will display a list of segments that are activated to the destination.
  3. Select the segment you would like to un-map, and click on Remove Segment.

The DELETE destination failed because some of the mapped segments were already removed from Target, since then the destination was in a DELETE-Stuck state.

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