Adobe Journey Optimizer: test profile not trigger event journey

Last update: 2023-01-12


Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO)

Test profile does not trigger event journey (journey in test mode).


  • Make sure you are in test mode. For steps, refer to Test your journey in the Journey Optimizer Guide.
  • Make sure your profile is a test profile by checking that the profile has the value true for testProfile in attributes.
  • Check that the profile identifier matches the namespace/id configured on the event/start step.  To do this, in the journey, click on the event that starts the journey and check the namespace and the identifier are configured. Make sure that when triggering the journey, you are using those attributes for your test profile.


  • Only test profiles can enter a journey in test mode.
  • The profile identifier must match the namespace/id configured on the event/start step.

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