How update the User ID name in Admin console?

Last update: 2024-01-18

This article provides information on how to update the user ID name in Adobe Admin console.





User ID (Federated ID, Enterprise ID, or Adobe ID) has System admin permission, but the Edit user profile menu of the User ID in the Admin Console is not visible. How to update the User ID name, test01 guwu in the following image?


ID Type: Federated ID or Enterprise ID or Adobe
Please ask another System Admin user in your organization to update your ID profile. Other system administrators can access the Edit User Profile of your User ID through the Admin console.

ID Type: Business ID
The Edit User Profile option is unavailable for Business ID users. This means, that these users will need to update their profiles here. For more, see how to Update your account profile.

Refer to the link for more detail - Manage users individually

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