Viewer Presets cannot be edited


Dynamic Media Classic

Viewer presets are listed correctly on my AEMaaCS instance.
However, when selecting any viewer preset and clicking on edit then the preset editing page loads indefinitely.
There is a correct dynamic media configuration under /conf/global/settings/cloudconfigs/dmscene7.

What is missing to get the viewer presets editor to work correctly?


Something went wrong with the initial DM setup. In order to correct this, you need to re-run the DM Setup Asyncjob.

  1. Log in as admin to the AEMaaCS instance, and then open up the following path: /libs/dam/gui/content/s7dam/samplemanager/samplemanager.html
  2. This opens up a page with nine buttons. The seventh is called Trigger DM Setup Async Job. This is the one that now works.
  3. It triggers a job that re-syncs all artwork/css files to DMS7. It can take a few minutes to complete. After it has finished, log out, and log in again, and the viewer presets should be editable.

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