Adobe Experience Manager: How to check configurations when the number of hits seems incorrect

Last update: 2022-11-22


When the actual number of search results differs from the number of hits for a query, fastQuerySize option may be set as enabled (true).

There are multiple ways to enable the fastQuerySize option. This article explains how to configure each way.


OSGi Configuration:Web Console > Configuration > Apache Jackrabbit Query Engine Settings Service > Fast result size

    Check “Fast result size” and Save.

Java configuration:-Doak.fastQuerySize=true

Add the system property below in your AEM start script(crx-quickstart/bin/start).
        CQ_JVM_OPTS=“${CQ_JVM_OPTS} -Doak.fastQuerySize=true”

This configuration overrides OSGi configuration.

JMX:Web Console > JMX > org.apache.jackrabbit.oak: settings (QueryEngineSettings)

    Change “Fast result size” to true and Save.

This configuration value at JMX overrides other configurations. Restarting AEM resets the value.

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