Audience Manager to Target segment share


Audience Manager segments are auto shared with Target as per of Core Services - Shared Audiences.


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As part of segment sharing with Adobe Target from Audience Manager, there are many special cases which comes into the light once we indulge into the full implementation.


This articles outlines few such catches for clarity.


  1. Cookie destination doesn’t work any more as this integration is now Server-Side.
  2. All Audience Manager segments will be auto-shared with Target as soon as they are created.
  3. Audience Manager segments once shared to Target, can’t be directly removed from Adobe Target.
  4. To remove any segment from Target, you need to delete that segment from Audience Manager.
  5. All calls made by Target to Audience Manager, to pull latest profile data, are billable. For more details, please get in touch with your CSM/AM.
  6. If you are seeing higher number of Target calls in the Activity Usage reporting within Audience Manager then there are means to reduce them by making Target data collection settings to “Once Per Session” from “Real-Time”. This can be done by Target Support Team.
  7. Making above change in point#6 will only reduce the calls and not stop them completely. In order to stop the calls completely, you need to disable Core Services - Shared Audience to block Target from calling Audience Manager at all. Disabling Shared Audiences will stop data share from Experience Cloud, so decide wisely when opting to disable Shared Audiences.

For any additional queries, reach out to Adobe’s solution specific channels via Support Portal.

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