Adobe Experience Manager: How to clear the cache of HTL/JSP/JS/CSS for custom components


When you modify HTL/JSP/JS/CSS files for your custom component, AEM might not immediately reflect the modifications to the pages with the component. In this case, the internal cache may be a cause.
This article explains how to clear the cache of these files.

AEM 6.5


You can clear the cache by the following functions.

* Client Libraries: JS/CSS files

Rebuild Client Libraries > Invalidate Caches  or  Rebuild Libraries

* File System Class Loader: JSP, HTL

Web Console > Sling > File System Class Loader > Clear Class Loader

* Script Cache: HTL, JS file

Web Console > Sling > Script Cache Status > Clear Cache

It is recommended to perform clearing the cache at a quiet time to avoid performance degradation.
You may need to check the dispatcher cache and browser cache, also.

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