Prevent auto termination of Scheduled publish workflow


How to Prevent auto termination of Scheduled publish workflow if the assets in the payload are manually published

Steps to replicate :

  1. Select any page in AEM Sites which has unpublished assets (images)

  2. Click Manage Publication

  3. Select Later - select a future date

  4. Click Next - Select the page

  5. Click Next - Enter workflow title (Eg : Publish later)

  6. Now Go to Tools - Workflow - instances

  7. You can find the job which you have scheduled for activating later with the title “Publish Later”.

  8. Select the Job - Click “Payload”

  9. A new tab will be opened in which you find the Page and Assets that are scheduled for activation.

  10. Now manually activate the asset present in the payload

  11. Now go to Tools - Workflow - Archives

  12. You could notice that “Schedulded workflow” (Publish later) job will be Aborted state


To disable auto termination of scheduled publish please “uncheck” the option “Terminate on published” option under “Day CQ WCM Workflow Service” in OSGi configuration. (refer to screenshot)

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