Brand Portal DynamicMedia Preview broken


We are facing an issue in Brand Portal: DynamicMedia Preview broken in Brand Portal
The initial image preview at the assetdetails page in Brand Portal is not visible. This issue occurs for assets which have been synced to DMS7 on AEM and which were published to Brand Portal afterwards.


You would need to put
in the DynamicMedia configuration in BrandPortal the very same
credentials/settings as the DynamicMedia cloud config in AEMaaCS.
This will then request dynamicmedia renditions from the secure test
server of DynamicMedia. In order to allow that, the egress IP address of
the BrandPortal system of your region will
need to be added to the IP filter in DynamicMedia Classic app - Setup -
Application Setup - Publish Setup - Image Server - Publish Context: Test
Image Serving - Client Address Filter.
The egress IP is documented here:

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