AEM Screens - Need a way to split content across different screens


The customer has a requirement to split the content on the AEM CS Screens Player. This is different from multi-zone content. It’s a scenario like a video wall having more than one screen.

Does AEM Screens Player have the option to merge the displays/screens so that the same content is sliced on both screens? i.e. half the image is on one screen and the other half on the other screen.

Is there any configuration available to support such a use case on the player? Or something which is on the roadmap?


There is no such configuration available on the player side.
This is something which should be handled at the OS level. Like a virtual desktop that spans two screens.
To spread the content across multiple screens, like using 4 FullHD panels in a 2x2 config to show an 8K image, you’d have to configure the operating system to use extended desktop (if supported), and then when you start the player in fullscreen, it would actually span across the 8K pixels, instead of maximizing to a single panel and be FullHD. The player content should then scale accordingly.

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