Segment shows no data while Query Service show for same time and dates

Last update: 2023-01-05


Experience Platform

Sometimes, a segment shows no profiles, whereas the Query Service shows some data for the same time and dates.


While this may not be the case for every ticket, an investigation may indicate the dataset was enabled and disabled (for Profile) at times and this would explain why some timeframes are gathering data and some not.

Note that the segment estimate would only show you what was ingested in Profile as opposed to Query Service only looking into the Data Lake, this would explain the discrepancy. If some data was ingested into the Data Lake at a point in time where the dataset was NOT enabled for Profile, the data wouldn’t have been promoted to the Unified Profile Service (UPS).

Also, you may be able (with the correct permissions) to access the Audit Logs feature in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), where you would potentially see the historical data, we have for a dataset.

This requires the ‘View User Activity Log access’ control permission granted in Data Governance. - See Admin Console


  1. Audit logs:
  2. Audit Query API documentation:
  3. Audit Logs Postman collection available at:

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