Setting the “Test embed codes” using Adobe Experience Platform Debugger



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What is an easy way to set the embed code for a non-production environment when validating a tag using the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger?


The user can input the embed code directly, as on the help page below.

  • Test embed codes using Adobe Experience Platform Debugger

Another way to set the embed code more easily is by logging into the Adobe Experience Platform Debugger:

  1. Access the page of the site that needs verification.
  2. Launch the “Adobe Experience Platform Debugger” and check that Summary information is displayed.
  3. Log in to “Adobe Experience Platform Debugger” from the Sign link in at the top.
  4. Click “Experience Platform Tags Configuration”.
  5. Click “… Action Replace” on Page Embed Code.
  6. Select Property and Environment.

With the above method, you can easily convert the embed code without entering the embed code directly.

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