AEM (cloud) Screens Content Provider has limited Channel templates compared to AEM on-prem


While creating a channel in AEM Screens Content Provider, there are only three templates:
1. Sequence Channel
2. Left L-bar Split Screen Channel
3. Right L-bar Split Screen Channel

AEM 6.5 on-prem on other hand has:
1. Application Channel
2. 1x1 Split Screen Channel
3. 2x2 Split Screen Channel

What does it take to have these channels as well on AEM Cloud?


The channel templates from Screens as a Cloud Service were mostly removed because they rarely applied as-is and required customers to usually change the CSS to make them work for their use case.
The L-Bar templates we have should already provide the same capabilities but were built so they are easier to modify.
You can essentially follow this documentation 1 and just add the desired templates to your repository.


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