How to check that a C2C ID sync file has onboarded your IDs?

Last update: 2023-01-12



Adobe Audience Manager


How to confirm that a C2C ID sync file has successfully onboarded your IDs?


ID Sync files create automatically generated Synced Audience traits which reflect the number of synced IDs under the cross-device ID option. Unlike trait onboarding files, there will be no record in the onboarding status report. Follow these steps to locate your synced audience trait:

  1. Identify the Data Source name for the onboarded IDs.

  2. Navigate to Audience Data, then click Traits.

  3. Search “Synced Audience” or your Data Source name, and locate the synced audience trait for your particular data source.

  4. Select “Cross Device ID” in the drop-down in the top right. Any successfully synced IDs will reflect within this trait.

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