Automatic mapping failure on boolean fields during data ingestion

Last update: 2023-01-12



Adobe Experience Platform


In this example, a CRM data ingestion includes the client’s flow with the customers’ master record. The record includes boolean flags about the customers’ privacy consents.

  • The ingestion process is based on a batch import from an S3 bucket.

  • On the CRM side, such fields can arrive as integers (0,1) or as strings (“0”, “1”).

  • When ingesting the data, all the boolean type fields have been imported in the target dataset as “FALSE”, irrespective of the original fields containing integer value 1 or string value “1”.

Expected behaviour:

  • The schema-based import from an S3 bucket should properly map integer 1 and string “1” to “TRUE” boolean value.


Boolean 0 or 1 is not supported. You would need to use the mapper functions to convert this to boolean values.

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