Launcher for “DAM Set last modified date” workflow launcher does not work after latest AEMaaCS update


After the latest AEM as cloud SDK update ( 2022.4.7138.20220427T075748Z ) a custom launcher for the “DAM Set last modified date” workflow launcher is not triggered.

Months ago the customer created a workflow launcher to update the last modified date to assets into a particular folder when the user changes any metadata.
Their launcher is a copy of the standard one but, of course, it was created under /conf folder and not /libs.

After the latest SDK upgrade, the launcher is no longer running.


The customer provided a package with the launcher created by them which runs the “DAM Set last modified date” workflow on a custom assets folder.

The issue was reproducible in a test AEMaaCS environment following the next steps:

  1. Install the package provided by the customer

  2. Create the same folder structure as the one used by the customer in AEM - Assets

  3. Add assets to the previously created folder

  4. Modify any metadata (e.g. Title) of an asset in the specified folder

Expected behavior: the jcr:LastModified - Date should be updated

Experienced behavior: the jcr:LastModified - Date is not changed


In AEM as a Cloud Service, the “DAM Set last modified date” Launcher, has the following flag enabled: “This Feature Flag would govern the AEM Assets Nui integration Feature. This Flag would only be enabled if Nui is enabled otherwise it returns false. (com.adobe.dam.asset.nui.feature.flag)”.

After removing the flag, the launcher works as expected.

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