Unable to start workflow


Issue: Please check why we cannot run the below workflow, even after changing the created by field in the workflow properties. Workflow internal name:  prdWKFXXXX
If we try to run the workflow mentioned above, the Campaign jobs(operationMgt) monitoring workflow will throw an invalid login error.

Error from workflow:(Campaign jobs(operationMgt))
 BAS-010003 Unable to complete operation in current status.
WKF-560044 Error while sending notification with delivery template ‘notify supervisor.’ Please refer to the delivery log ID 00000 for more information (object associated with the workflow task).
 DLV-490118 Error during preparation. Please refer to the delivery action journal ‘27626534’ for more information.
SCR-160012 JavaScript: error while evaluating script ‘operationMgt/scheduler’.
 XSV-350012 Invalid login or password. Connection denied.

Starting targeting workflow ‘prdWKF0000’ for campaign ‘Campaign name (internal name of the workflow)’

While starting this workflow: prdWKF00000, the workflow Campaign jobs(operationMgt) started failing.
I started looking for more information on what could have caused this issue and then reviewed the workflow XML and found the culprit.

process forecasted=“0” login=“xxxxx@xxxx.com” priority=“0”
           processState=“20” startState=“0”/

The operator mentioned above was disabled, which led to the failure of the Campaign jobs workflow.


Solution:  Replaced the login with an active operator. And saved the changes to the workflow and re-executed the workflow. This fixed the problem!

process forecasted=“0” login=“ranjan” priority=“0”
processState=“20” startState=“0”/

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