BAS-010040 Cannot convert ‘byUuid’ (text type) to 32-bit integer type (bAS-010011 Invalid data)


Issue Description:

A filter named ‘byUuid’ has been defined in the Profile resource.

The API request is failing in Postman with this error:

Response: RST-360011 An error has occurred. Please contact the administrator.
BAS-010040 Cannot convert ‘byUuid’ (text type) to 32-bit integer type (bAS-010011 Invalid data).

If you make a test directly in ACS, then the same error is happening:

And if you make a test with ‘/rest/head/profile’, then the response is good:

The /rest/head/profile’ is not the expected URL.


Objective: To find the cause of the error while sending API Calls

Environment: Adobe Campaign Standard

Cause:  Best Practices not used


the hasCustomFilter parameter has to be set to true.

See below an example of code:

// initialize the sdk

const campaignClient = await CampaignStandard.init(params.tenant, params.apiKey, token)

// Get all profiles from Campaign Standard and filter by uuid

let parameters = {

filters: ‘byUuid’,


uuid, hasCustomFilter: true


const profiles = await campaignClient.getAllProfiles(parameters)

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