How to resolve host name which could not be resolved under ‘Shared Audiences Import Workflow’


A Shared Audiences Import Workflow has been to import data from AAM (Adobe Audience Manager). It fails with the error “Couldn’t resolve hostname” when it is run.


Try the following steps to resolve the issue

  1. Log in to the instance  /Click on Adobe Campaign Power Button
  2. Click Administration/Application settings/External accounts
  3. Search for the Import Shared Audience External account
  4. Click on it to display its configuration
  5. Update configuration/remove AWS Region/Uncheck “keep files in S3 encrypted”/save the change
  6. Now go back to Application settings under Administration/Click on Workflows/
  7. Search for the Import Shared Audience Technical Workflow
  8. Click on it to open it/then restart it
  9. Check Log and tasks

The result should be OK -  Note that one may get a “No file to transfer found” error if there is no file to import from the remote host. However, the original issue “could not resolve hostname” is fixed.

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