Email with tracked URL not sending



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  • Deliveries are blocked after analysis, when the tracking data is communicated to the Tracking server. the communication of tracking data to the Tracking server
  • Deliveries without tracking activated are working

Errors seen in delivery Audit:

  • Uploading tracking information on server ''...
  • RED-520025 Communication failed with tracking server ''. Please check that the server is started and check if the connection parameters defined in the deployment wizard (or directly in the options), are correct.
  • RED-520005 Wrong configuration of remote redirection server. Please check the server configuration.
  • Uploading tracking information on server ''...
  • DLV-490119 Analysis completed in 0s with warnings (1 message(s) waiting).

Note: Internal tracking server in deployment wizard are,


If Adobe hosts your instance, raise a ticket for support to inspect the tracking configuration and re-register the tracking if needed. Once needful has been done, verify by sending an email with the tracked URLs.

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