Unable to set the ECID cookie after implementing first party tracking server(s)


s_ecid cookie is not set in the browser when upgrading to the ECID service and using a first-party tracking server. Why?


  • Ensure the VisitorAPI.js is updated to the latest version (https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/id-service/releases) and the first-party tracking server is implemented. The tracking server domain should match the site domain.
  • ECID cookie is generated server-side using the request header information passed in the web beacon. In case the request header is getting changed, then the value of the tracking server would change and s_ecid wouldn’t be generated on a different domain.
  • If visitor migration is enabled then the web beacon may be getting routed from 1st party tracking server to 3rd party tracking server, which would be causing the issue with s_ecid generation.

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