AEM Email Templates not getting synced with Adobe Campaign.


When a user tries to copy and paste the site’s template on which the Campaign approval workflow is already executed, The cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties for Adobe Campaign are not removed during copy and paste operation.


Due to this, the Adobe Campaign is not able to sync the Email template from AEM and gives up an error: Duplicate acUUID found as cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties are unique properties.


Steps to Reproduce:

1: Create a Site’s Email Template in AEM.

2: Campaign approval workflow.

3: Approve the template by completing the workflow steps.

4: Navigate to crx/de.

5: The copy/pasted template will contain cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties.

Errors in the Logs:

No related errors can be found in the error logs.


Properties of Template in crx/de After Copy-paste operation:


Experienced Behaviour  :



Expected Behaviour:



The campaign-property-modification-service is a service user which is used for modifying properties of campaign newsletter on copy and paste function.
This usercampaign-property-modification-service should have read and modify permissions on the content folder.

If it doesn’t have read and modify permissions on the content folder, it can’t clean up the cq:acLinks and cq:acUUID properties of the copy-pasted site template.

After providing the user necessary permissions, the properties get cleaned up.

Screenshot of User Permissions:

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