“formAlreadySubmitted” and “datatypeMessage” messages not translated from English


The customer is reporting a message which is not internationalized. The error message “Invalid date - The value must be of date datatype” is in English even if it should be in German since that is the customer’s browser language.

Checking the German clientlib /libs/fd/af/runtime/clientlibs/I18N/de/javascript/LogMessages.js we see that message is in English and further has a placeholder {0} which means that part of the message is dynamic.

Checking the function which replaces the placeholder (EnglishMessage03.JPG) we can see that the value “date” is hardcoded and in English thus hardly translatable.

Steps to reproduce :

  • Check the German or any other language other than Englishclientlib /libs/fd/af/runtime/clientlibs/I18N/de/javascript/LogMessages.js
  • See that “formAlreadySubmitted” and “datatypeMessage” messages are in English

Expected Behavior :

The messages should be translated into the proper language

Experienced Behavior :

The messages are in English

Environment Details :

  • Affected versions: AEM 6.5.12
  • Tested versions: AEM 6.5.12


The internal Jira ticket - CQ-4343882 was opened to address this issue. However, the engineering team will not prioritize this problem due to its low priority as well as the fact there is no loss of functionality; instead, it will be addressed in a future version.

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