A limitation which the number of breakdowns when generating reports in Freeform Table Builder.


When creating a report in Table Builder, which is one of the features of Workspace in Adobe Analytics, the number of Breakdowns is limited to five items, unlike Rows.


At this moment, the maximum number of Breakdowns is five items. Therefore, in order to display the Breakdown result of more than five items, it is necessary to create a report with Table Builder once with five items and then set Breakdown manually for the required ones.

For example, if you set the “Rows: 10 items” and “Breakdown: 5 items”, only the top 5 items in the displayed report results will be broken down. In that case, after generating the report, you can add manually break down the bottom five items to confirm the results of all ten items being broken down. If the report also exists on the next page, ten items, that is, the number of manually set Breakdown results, will be displayed on the next page, so you don’t need to set it again on the next page.

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