Web Tier pipeline execution failing during TestCacheInvalidation


The Web Tier pipeline execution is failing and you observe the message below in the logs:

=== RUN TestCacheInvalidation

main_test.go:237: Test fails. Expected header ‘X-Vhost’ to be existing and not: ‘catch-all’, got: ‘catch-all’

— FAIL: TestCacheInvalidation (0.00s)


exit status 1


Verify if your dispatcher configuration has properly configured some vhost for dispatcher cache invalidation (call being done to host and if you have an X-Vhost header set that is neither empty
e.g., as in https://github.com/adobe/aem-project-archetype/blob/master/src/main/archetype/dispatcher.cloud/src/conf.d/available_vhosts/default.vhost#L24
and that the request does not reach catch-all vhost with X-Vhost header set to “catch-all” as in https://github.com/adobe/aem-project-archetype/blob/master/src/main/archetype/dispatcher.cloud/src/conf.d/dispatcher_vhost.conf#L136

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