Adobe Audience Manager: How to share segments with Adobe Campaign via Adobe Campaign – Declared ID destination

Last update: 2023-05-26


Audience Manager segment mapped to Adobe Campaign Declared ID destination

Unable to import segment from Audience Manager to Campaign


Steps to Resolve
For sharing an Audience Manager segment with Adobe Campaign, you need to set up a Profile Merge profile using theAdobe Campaign - Declared IDdata source.

Step 1: Create an Onboarded type Trait using Adobe Campaign – Declared ID data source.
AAM only outputs the data that the data source of Trait is the same as the destination’s outbound user ID.
Step 2: Create a Profile Merge Rule using the following option.

  • Cross-Device Options: Last Authenticated Profiles
  • Cross-Device Profile Options: Adobe Campaign – Declared ID
  • Device Options: Device Profile

Step 3: Create a segment using the Profile Merge Rule created in Step 2.
Step 4: Map the segment to Adobe Campaign - Declared IDdestination.
Please refer to the following document if you have any questions related to how to request AAM-AC integration and how to import segments on the Adobe Campaign side:

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