How to share Adobe Audience Manager segments with Adobe Campaign via Adobe Campaign – Declared ID destination


I have requested the integration between Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign, and I mapped an Audience Manager segment to Adobe Campaign - Declared ID Destination. However, the segment can’t be imported from Adobe Campaign. How can I share an Audience Manager segment with Adobe Campaign?


For sharing an Audience Manager segment with Adobe Campaign, you need to set up a Profile Merge profile using theAdobe Campaign - Declared IDdata source.

Step1: Create an Onboarded type Trait using Adobe Campaign – Declared ID data source.
AAM only outputs the data that the data source of Trait is the same as the destination’s outbound user ID.

Step2: Create a Profile Merge Rule using the following option.

  • Cross-Device Options: Last Authenticated Profiles
  • Cross-Device Profile Options: Adobe Campaign – Declared ID
  • Device Options: Device Profile

Step3: Create a segment using the Profile Merge Rule created in Step2.

Step4: Map the segment to Adobe Campaign - Declared IDdestination.

Please refer to the following document if you have any questions related to how to request AAM-AC integration and how to import segments on the Adobe Campaign side

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