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This article aims to answer following questions. 


Questions : 

  1. How many types of Integration we have for google ?
  2. How to setup S2S Destination ?
  3. How to RLSA?
  4. Points to Remember


* Types of Destinations

  • S2S Destination
  • URL Destination

*URL Destination - Google Ads Remarketing List

Here are few steps, which needs to be followed in order to setup URL Destination.

  1. In your Google Ads account, create a website re-marketing list and write down your conversion ID.
  2. Use the following URL as a template for the Base URL and Secure URL. Replace the “xxxxxxxx” section with your conversion ID.
  3. In AAM, Create a URL Destination - Please follow this link (Create a URL destination).
  4. In the Segment Mappings section of your URL destination, add the code from step 2 to the URL and Secure URL fields. Prefix the code with http: and https: in the URL and Secure URL fields, respectively.

Please note, There are two types of URL’s

Base URL OR Unsecure URL Code - Starts with HTTP

Secure URL Code - Start with HTTPS

  1. Click Save.

6. When mapping a new segment to this destination in Audience Manager, define the mapping as aam=segmentID and replace segmentID with the ID of your segment.

7. When defining a bucket in Google Ads, create a rule that matches the mapping defined at step 6.

*S2S Destination:

  1. In order to start with S2S Destination creation for Google, CC or Consultant will be passed with account type. Account type can be of following types: INVITE_ADVERTISER , INVITE_PARTNER,  DFP,  ADX,  ADX_PUBLISHER ,       DFP_BY_GOOGLE, DFP_BY_GOOGLE. Also please note, This type should be Whitelisted at Google’s end. (Client can check with Google’s Team for this part).
  2. Once we have this detail, CC or Consultant can create the destination.


*Points to Remember: 

* Google S2S Destination configuration will support data transfer for ALL of the following 6 device types:  web-cookie /  iOS-mobile /  android-mobile/ Roku / Microsoft / Amazon Fire TV.

* For creating URL for Google Ads Remarking List, make sure you will use “%ALIAS%” in both types of URLs. As this is a macro which will get replaced at run time.

* If you face any error while creating S2S Destination for google, check for below points.

  1. Account should be Whitelisted at Google’s end.

  2. You are using correct details like (Protocol, Servers, Format, Target data source etc.). Please do refer link at S2S Segment.

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