Errors in error.log on both Author & Publish Instances during startup

Last update: 2023-05-26


Experience Manager

There were several noticed errors in error.log on both Author and Publish Instances.

- Author error.log:

*ERROR*  aem-api-metrics FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.apache.felix.log.LogException: org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: ServiceFactory.getService() resulted in a cycle.)

org.apache.felix.log.LogException: org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: ServiceFactory.getService() resulted in a cycle.

*ERROR* handleSecurity: AuthenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request.

*ERROR* handleSecurity: Possible reason is missing Repository service. Check AuthenticationSupport dependencies.

- Publisher error.log

*ERROR*  ROOT bundle org.apache.felix.scr:2.1.30 (32) Circular reference detected trying to get service [ com.adobe.cq.wcm.translation.impl.sync.LanguageCopySynchronizer]


Root Cause:

Analyzing the error logs, it has been noticed that at the time the errors appeared, the instances were still in Startup mode, not all bundles being started (For example: StartupListenerTracker Startup progress: 83% (bundles 489/587)).

Therefore the errors occurred as not all bundles were started.

During a restart, or anything that causes a restart such as installing or reinstalling bundles or packages that trigger a re-register of OSGi bundles, these kind of exceptions are common.


If the errors are noticed after an instance is fully started, all bundles being active, please open a ticket with Adobe Support for further investigation.

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