The “a.” and “.a” query parameter items that appear when debugging mobile app.

Last update: 2023-09-21



  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Analytics

When you validate or debug a mobile app implementation or measurement, you may find some query parameter “items” that are not documented below.

For example: “a.”, “.a” Or, in the query parameter: "a.&AppID=xxxxx&CarrierName=xxxx&DeviceName=xxxx&OSVersion=xxxx&Resolution=xxxx&RunMode=xxxx&TimeSinceLaunch=xxxx.a ".

・Data collection query parameters


The “a.” parameter indicates when Adobe started the data, and the “.a” parameter indicates when Adobe finished the data. Note that neither of these parameters will contain a value. The “a” is the initial letter of the key for the Lifecycle Metrics and Application Context. Besides this, you may find other parameter items that you do not recognize. These represent the “start” and “end” of the thing. Note that these do not contain any values.

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