Enable/activate classification for Mobile App dimensions

Last update: 2023-11-21



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Generally while accessing Mobile Classifications under Report Suite Manager -> App Management -> App Classification may show the message mentioned below-

Mobile Classifications: ‘This feature has not been enabled for this report suite. Please contact your customer support representative to enable it.’ (see below).

To enable classification for mobile app dimensions, user will first need to enable “App Reporting” for that report suite.


Pre-requisites: Product Administrator rights.

Enable App reporting by following the steps given below:

  • Go to Analytics - Admin - Report suite and select the desired report suite. Go to Edit Settings - App Management - App Reporting in Report Suite Manager.
  • Click on ‘Enable Latest App Reports.’ Based on your requirements, you can also enable others.


  • A confirmation ping pops up after it is enabled.

After some time, re-login to the Adobe Analytics, and Mobile App Classification page will be available (Edit Settings - App Management - App Classifications).

For more information about App Management please click here.

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