Why link tracking call is skipped by the page URL related Marketing Channel processing rule



Suppose you have a Marketing Channel processing rule like below, it should fall into the ‘Email’ channel if a page URL has ‘mid’ Query String Parameter.

However, in some cases, a page URL with ‘mid’ query parameter like below 1 may be ignored by the ‘Email’ channel and fall into another one.

1 http://www.example.com/home.html?mid=123




Check if the server call type is link tracking such as Custom link instead of page view.  If it is a link tracking call, it is Working As Designed.

Root Cause:

Adobe data collection servers strip the pageURL dimension from all link tracking image requests. 1  As such, the page URL matching rule won’t work with link tracking calls.

1 https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/implementation/vars/page-vars/pageurl.html?lang=en

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