Block a member in Adobe Campaign Classic

Last update: 2023-05-26


Adobe Campaign Classic
Adobe Campaign

What if a user is in a situation where they need to block a specific user for becoming a member?
Is there a checkbox or something that can solve this problem for them?
This refers to a member/profile, not a user. The objective is to block a specific profile. Is this possible to do?


There are two quick options depending on how they function:

  • Mark the profile as “Do not contact on any channel” or any of those blacklist fields.
  • Add a typology rule to exclude specific profiles and/or email addresses.

You just update the do no longer contacted by fields, set them all to Yes…… The exclusion rules set at Delivery level would do the rest…… if they use Push, they should set the disabled flag to Yes for app application subscriptions for this person.

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