Differences removing user in Adobe Analytics/Admin Console for Adobe Analytics User

Last update: 2023-09-27



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Explain the difference between deleting a user with access permission to Adobe Analytics vs. Admin Console for Adobe Analytics User.


If the user (Adobe ID) is removed from Admin Console, the user will be deleted from Admin Console, and any permissions set for the account will be deleted.
It does not mean that your account mapped with Adobe Analytics will be removed from Adobe Analytics. If you remove a user in the Admin Console, Adobe Analytics still retains the user information.
Therefore, the assets (segments, projects of workspaces, etc.) owned by the account will retain as well.
However, you will not be able to access Adobe Analytics because Adobe Analytics’s permissions have been deleted.

Removing users in Adobe Analytics is different from the above. It means completely deleting your account in Adobe Analytics.
Therefore, the user’s information is deleted, and all the assets that the user had are also deleted.
However, this does not mean deleting the account that exists in the Admin Console. The user still exists in the Admin Console because you have deleted only the mapping information in the Admin Console.

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