How to reproduce the Activity Map’s “Link Report” on the “Freeform Table” in the Adobe Analytics workspace


I really like and use the Activity Map in the Adobe Analytics application. So, I use the “Link Report” a lot, but I can’t figure out how to reproduce it on the “Freeform Table” in the Adobe Analytics workspace. What kind of “Metrics” and “Dimensions” can I use to reproduce this?


Here is an example of a sample.

  1. First, open a new project in the Adobe Analytics “Workspace” and drop the “Freeform Table” from the left rail into the panel.
  2. Next, match the “Date Range” in the panel to the time period you are reporting on in the Activity Map.
  3. For the “Dimension”, use “Activity Map Page” and “Activity Map Links & Region”. Drop the “Activity Map Page” on the freeform table, and then drop the “Activity Map Links & Region” on the page you want to report. The item displayed will be a combination of the “Link ID” and “Region” items displayed in the Activity Map “Link Report”. (Example: Link ID=AAA | Region=BBB)
  4. Use “Activity Map Instances” for “Metrics”. Insert this “Activity Map Instances” into the Metrics drop zone at the top.
  5. Now you can reproduce the same values in the “Freeform Table” as in the “Link Report”.

・Activity Map reporting in Analytics - Analytics Activity Map dimensions

But, when you compare the Activity Map’s “Link Report” with the “Freeform Table”, you may find “Link IDs” on the “Freeform Table” that are not shown in the “Link Report”. This is because the specifications of the Activity Map’s “Link Report” and “Free Form Table” are different. In the “Link Report”, only the link elements that exist at the time the Activity Map is launched and the page is loaded will be reported. On the other hand, in the “Freeform Table”, all links that have been clicked in the past and measured in the Activity Map will be included in the report, even if the link does not currently exist in the target page. In this case, you need to use the “Segment” or “Filter” function to remove unnecessary items on the “Freeform Table”.

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