Audience Manager - Troubleshooting Models in AAM UI when unable to save or getting errors


Question Detail: 

Question 1: You are not able to save the model in AAM Customer UI even though the limit of models has not been reached. Also, while saving the model you are not getting any errors. When you click on the “Save” button, nothing would be happened.

Question 2: You are unable to deactivate or delete the model in AAM Customer UI. While deactivating or deleting you are getting the error “Access to this trait has been revoked”, please find the below screenshot.


Answer 1: Check all the traits used by the segments in the model. There might be the possibility that you would find a trait that is taken from Audience Marketplace but a subscription for modeling is not enabled for the traits which you are using in your model. In this case, you would not be able to save the model. To save the model, remove all those traits or enable the subscription for modeling for these traits. Note that in case you want to enable the subscription for modeling you might require to pay extra charges for that.

Answer 2: One of the possible ways to overcome this issue:

Check all the traits used by the segments in the model which you want to deactivate or delete. There might be the possibility that you would find the trait which is not available check below screenshot:

Remove all those traits which are not available, then try to deactivate or delete the model. Now, you might be able to successfully deactivate or delete the model.

NB: When getting an error message in the UI, you may want to enable the Developer Tools when using Chrome and select the network tab, then try and replicate the above action again. The developer tools are likely to present more details, including the dependencies preventing you to complete your actions, this may help you understand the reason behind a UI error.

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