Analytics | How to delete user who owns published segments


When attempting to delete an Analytics user, an error message shows up and cannot delete the user account. How can I delete the user account?


One reason is that the user account owns some published segments, so we need to transfer them to another user or unpublish them in advance.

  1. Log into Analytics and access the Segments UI.
  2. Click on “Other filters” on the left rail and check the “Show all” filter.
  3. Click on “Owners” and check the user name filter.
  4. Click on the “PUBLISHED” column head to show all segments with “Yes” status.
  5. Transfer them to another user via Transfer assets. (recommended)

If you have confirmed that you will no longer use the segments, you can unpublish them and delete them.

Notice: For some reason, the segments might not be unpublished. Please refer to the “Unpublish or delete segments” on the following document.

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