Mid-sourcing (delivery counters) (defaultMidSourcingDlv) workflow is failing


The “Mid-sourcing (delivery counters)” workflow was running for the client, trying to synchronize the logs between MID and marketing, but it kept failing. You may have tried to stop and restart the workflow but it didn’t help. This workflow has never worked properly. The status has always been either ‘Aborted’ or ‘Failed’ from the beginning.


The root cause of this behavior was the option NmsMidSourcing_LastDelivery_externalAccount which was not updated correctly. The LastDelivery option for mid workflow wasn’t updated, and every time the workflow started, it tried to fetch data from 2020, and a timeout error happened. You will have to update the option manually, and the workflow will start to execute normally.

This option should be updated with a current timestamp after the defaultMidSourcingDlv workflow is executed. When the next execution starts, the workflow checks this option to know when to start synchronizing the mid logs again.

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