PDF Generation with personalization blocks fails


When attempting to create a dynamic PDF attachment that includes personalization blocks the workflow and delivery fail.

Documentation reference: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/sending-messages/personalizing-deliveries/generating-personalized-pdf-documents.html?lang=en


The personalization block missed the “href=” keyword from the image link. Please see below:

draw:image xlink:“https://www.xxxxx.net/xx-xxxxx/uploads/2022/05/XXXXX-logo-648.jpg” /

draw:image xlink:href=“https://www.xxxxx.net/xx-xxxxx/uploads/2022/05/XXXXX-logo-648.jpg” /

Also, when creating the “docx” or “odt” template, do not write the code directly in the template file but instead use a text editor (like notepad) to create the code and copy back the code in the template file. Doing so will ensure accurate quotes and double quotes are used.

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