Migrating Users from Adobe ID to Fed ID |Adobe ID on a new email domain.


Problem Statement:  

Migrating a User from Adobe ID to Fed ID and also changing the domain name.

For example - User@olddomain.com (Adobe ID) to  User@newdomain.com (Fed ID)

Note: The same process can be followed to if the customer is looking to change the domain name from one Adobe ID to another Adobe ID. Ensure that Adobe ID is selected in all the steps mentioned below.

For example - User@olddomain.com (Adobe ID) to  User@newdomain.com (Adobe ID)


Steps to be followed: 

  1. Obtain a backup of current users and their product profiles

a.  Go to the Experience Cloud Admin Console - Users tab.
  b.  Click on 3 dots and select “Export users list to CSV”.

  1. Unlink Adobe Analytics user accounts with Experience Cloud Admin Console accounts

a.  This can be done by simply deleting the user account from the Experience Cloud Admin Console.
  b.  Go to the Experience Cloud Admin Console - Users tab.
  c.  Either use the “Remove users by CSV” option using 3 dots or just select the user and click “Remove User”.

  1. Upload new users as Federated ID without Analytics product profiles

a.  Go to the Experience Cloud Admin Console - Users tab.
  b.  Click “Add users by CSV” and download the standard template.
  c.  Populate the following fields only:
      i.  Identity Type
      ii. Username
      iii. Domain
      iv. Email
      v.  First Name
      vi. Last Name
      vii. Country Code

d.  You can take the help of the reference backup file (from 1) for information like First Name, Last Name and Country Code.
  e.  Ensure that Identity Type is Federated ID, Username, Domain, Email are all updated as per the updated Federated ID user detail.
  f.  Upload the file.

  1. Update the email address of the Analytics user account

a.  Go to Analytics - Admin - Analytics users & assets.
  b.  The Analytics user account corresponding to the removed Experience Cloud user account (as done in 2) will show “Not Initiated” as the Migration Status.
  c.  Click the user account and update the email address and save the changes. Like User@olddomain.com was updated to User@newdomain.com for the “UserID” Analytics user account.

  1. Upload Analytics product profiles to the uploaded Federated ID users in (3)
      a.  Let’s do a bulk upload.
      b.  Go to the Experience Cloud Admin Console - Users tab.
      c.  Click on 3 dots and “Edit user details by CSV”.
      d.  Use the file from (3) and update the required details.
      e.  For information on “Product Configurations and other columns” use the file from (1).
      f.  Ensure that the column “ID” is empty.
      g.  Verify ad validate the details of other columns.
      h.  Upload the file.

This will change the email address of the user, update the identity type of the user to the Federated ID and link it to the existing Analytics user account (while retaining all the assets).


  1. It’s advisable to complete it in batches rather than doing it all at once.
  2. Also, if the Analytics user ID is using the email address, the user ID can’t be changed – it will continue to show the old email address through the email address and other things will change and work as expected.

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