Google Play Rejects App Due To WebView SSL Error Handler Issue | Adobe Authentication Native Android SDK


Google Play rejects App due to WebView SSL Error Handler issue when programmer is submitting an Android app that has Adobe Authentication Native Android SDK implemented into it.


This is due to unsafe implementation of theWebViewClient.onReceivedSslError handler in Android apps. Beginning November 25, 2016Google Play started blocking publishing of any new apps or updates that contain this vulnerability. Read more here.

Programmer needs to remove implementation of this method from their code:

onReceivedSslError</b>(WebView view, SslErrorHandler handler, SslError error);

If programmer is referencing to DemoApp and have DemoApp sources in their application, they need to delete the onReceivedSslError from:


Adobe Authentication Native Android SDK library is compliant with this since SDK version 1.9.1.

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