How to use a browser extension to remove x-frame-options console error


To use a browser extension to remove the X-Frame-Options console error when trying to load URLs in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC).





  • Adobe Target v17.1.1
  • Google Chrome - 55.0.2883.87
  • Firefox - 50.1.0



1-errormessageError message in the console


Install and configure the Requestly extension on Chrome

  • Turn off the Enhanced Experienced Composer.

  • Install the Requestly browser extension on Chrome.

  • Open the extension and Select Modify headers. Enter the following:

    • Rule name
    • Modification rules
    • Toggle Add to Remove.
    • Toggle Request to Response.
    • Enter “X-Frame-Options” as the header name.
    • Change Equals to Contains as the condition for the source URL and enter the URL of the activity that you are trying to load in the VEC.


  • Click Save.

Install and configure the Modify Response Headers extension on Firefox

  • Install the Modify Response Headers on Firefox and restart the browser.

  • From your Firefox extensions, select the Modify Response Headers extension.

  • Click Preferences.

  • Select Filter from the Action drop-down menu.

  • In the Header Name field, enter: X-Frame-Options

  • Click Add.

  • Click Start.

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