Campaign Classic: Error is generated when previewing a profile from a delivery


An issue has been reported when previewing a profile by selecting  the “Delivery Target Population” option in the preview for a delivery. Basically, the following error is generated while doing so:


The problem is the usage of a target mapping based on an extended recipient schema where the delivery log and tracking log schemas have not been extended for the same. A target mapping must be unique in terms of recipient schema vs delivery log/tracking log schemas.

It’s impossible to use multiple targeting schemas with the same trackinglog schema since the tracking workflow will be unable to reconcile data with the targeting id.

In case the customer does not want to use OOB target mapping (with nms:recipient), We recommend two approaches:

  • If you want to use a custom targeting dimension, you need to create custom broadLog/trackingLog schemas using nms:broadlog as a template (c.f nms:broadLogRcp, nms:broadLogSvc, etc.)

    • targeting schema: cus:recipient (extended from nms:recipient or fully custom)
    • broadcast log schema: cus:broadLogRcp (extended from nms:broadLogRcp or fully custom)
    • tracking log schema: cus:trackingLogRcp (extended from nms:broadLogRcp or fully custom)
  • If you want to use OOB trackingLogRcp/broadLogRcp, the targeting dimension needs to be nms:recipient and the filtering dimension could be a custom schema

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